J. Webb Farm
A Real Working Farm for 7 Generations!
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All of Our Pumpkins and other Produce is Grown right here on our farm!
Do Not Wait Until Everyone Else Has Picked Their Perfect Pumpkin To Pick Yours!
Not only do we have the traditional deep orange carving pumpkins and the perfectly round pie-making pumpkins....but we have pumpkins of all sorts of different shapes sizes & colors!

Not to worry, we will continue to offer our pre-picked pumpkin patch as well with prices ranging from .50 cents to $8

Other Produce Includes but Is not Limited To:
  • Indian corn, gourd and squash varieties.
Straw Bales $4 each
Corn Bundles $3 each

NEW THIS YEAR - Pick your own Pumpkin Patch!

With 6 acres of numerous pumpkin varieties, there is no doubt
the perfect pumpkin will be found!
Pick-your-own Pumpkins prices will be determined by pumpkin weight.